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photographymmw  allows photography students the opportunity to publish pictures in a student web gallery. It also provides artists with the information they need to succeed!

Weekly assignments, images, competitions and challenges will be posted regularly.

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Winning Student submission from Photo 2 "Construction" Photo Contest -"FX"
Congrats to Chloe!

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Course Challenge
"100 Days Challenge "

Photography students are challenged to take one digital picture of any kind or a "self portrait" a day throughout the length of the course, documenting their progress as a photographer or their own self image through the camera lens.  A collection of  these photographs will be organized for final presentation.  This should be FUN, Creative and interesting!!!!
Students who choose to complete this assignment will receive  a bonus gift!

Due Date: Ongoing

I will be posting Information and Weekly Assignments on this website

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Student Photograph Evaluation

2017 Photo Supply List

Students will need to purchase the following materials for their use.

 3 ring binder or photo album

1 package 20-30 sheets clear plastic sheet holder

1 SD Card    2GB +Up

Students will need to purchase  their Top 50 photographs at a nearby store ~ Cost $5-10

Artists will be using  image editing programs such as Adobe Lightroom and is s free downloading software program and it is recommended that it is downloaded on a home computer.

I am more excited than ever to work with this semester’s students especially in our new darkroom space!  I expect each student to be highly successful and to learn something new every day.  We will work with Film and Digital Photography Media and students will create  Professional Portfolios demonstrating their talents as a photographer and creative artist.  It is very important that students are able to participate each and every day so please make every effort to do so.

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